Mare Nostrum at Prichard Gallery

2021. MARE NOSTRUM, Maurizio Giuseppucci & Milica Popovic, 10 Giugno 2021, Prichard Gallery, University of Idaho , Moscow, Idaho, U.S.A.
For some time now, to take photographs I have been using low definition and not professional equipment, from disposable kodaks in use some time ago to the smartphone, by which I mean those used by everyone for non artistic use, and only for entertainment or for familiar memories; therefore often the environments I have chosen are the most common such as holiday locations: the beach, the sea, leisure places, where most people take photographs and are photographed, resulting unconsciously in a treasure of images that over time has become a sort of collective memory of daily life, freezing behaviours,bodies and lifestyles. Rimini, the city where I live is a mass tourist destination and is nationally imagined as a kind of “topos” beach holiday, particularly from the 60s to today, following Italian fashions and traditions from the economic boom to the current crisis. My images are not intended as an explicit sociological document, more as an observation of tourism and free time as a metaphor of life, which at times is ironic and others sad. Therefore, for this reason this exhibition shows works such as the art book “Rimini”, in which together with contemporary photographs I have reworked my holiday family photographs of the 60s and 70s of my childhood. As a young boy when I looked at the Adriatic sea I imagined what the opposite coast was like compared to the one I knew: a place which was both near but far for its political situation (ex Jugoslavia was part of the eastern communist block), and it is for this reason that I am happy to contribute to an exhibition that unites these two coasts of the Adriatic sea (“mare nostrum” is the definition which the Roman Emperor gave to the Mediterranean area, the sea which was on his shores) connecting my point of view to the artist Milica Popovic who lived in ex Jugoslavia, to describe the two worlds and its sensitivity united in one space.