Fondamenta degli incurabili

It ‘s a work taken from the book of the same title by Josif Brodskj , on Venice.
I’ve collected my own photos and the ones of my friends’ concerning visits, holidays in Venice during childhood. I have joined together photos that I have taken in the part of the city where the writer used to stay.
Artist’s book, 45 pages, 2006; dimension A3, paper, different transparent sheets, family photo, digital photo, laser print.
Quotations printed with  toy stamps  from  Iosif Brodskij.

Libro d’artista, 45 pagine, 2006; dimensione A3, carta, fogli acetato, lucidi, foto di famiglia,
foto digitali, laser print.
Citazioni stampate con timbri giocattolo, tratte da “le fondamenta degli incurabili” di Iosif Brodskij