Conversazioni disparse

– Conversazioni disparse

Wasted Conversations – Book consists of images taken from an Italian prestigious cultural  illustrated magazine:“ Illustrazione Italiana”. I have chosen 60s issues and I selected photos of intellectuals groups, writers, artists. I have put , then, some sticky tape on their face, and printed these figures in negative. next these images I’ve added photos of the beach in wintertime. This work comes from the consideration of the missing of an age, an intellectual and human world that has certainly left its place to something different, but to which I like looking at from this illuminating time perspective.

Libro d’artista; immagini tratte da “Illustrazione Italiana” numeri degli anni 60: gruppi di intellettuali e scrittori, nastri adesivi, fotocopie di negativi; fotografie del mare in inverno; carte: lucidi,acetati. Dimensioni A3.